I have to admit this is new for me. I have accounts with every social media platform but I’m not one to post, tweet, snap, boomerang or comment. If I “like” a picture on Instagram, that’s plenty. Yet, I feel compelled to start this blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hold my own space. I conceal my thoughts in the pages of worn notebooks, linger far too long when admiring brushstrokes on canvas, and subtly reveal parts of myself through the hidden treasures in my wardrobe. As of late, I’ve felt the call to live outside of my head. To embrace the quiet storm of creativity, ingenuity and expression rumbling inside of me.

Most importantly I want to stop playing small. I have been on a mission to undue the negative programming that has led me to quiet the dreamer, the creator, and the leader I am meant to be. I want to share my journey and learn from you. I’d like you to share your experiences and advice with me. And together we will build each other up, find our confidence and tap into our true potential. That said, this blog is long overdue.

I look forward to reading and exploring your perspective and expanding this space I once navigated alone.

So let’s get to it!

Authentically yours,